The Mural

February 2012

When you work in advertising, you're obsessed with advertising. Luckily, obsession has its place at the 2012 Dallas ADDY's.

Film advertisment created by TM, United States for AAF ADDY Awards, within the category: Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: TM Advertising, USA
Group Creative Directors: Shep Kellam, Bernard Park
Digital Creative Director: James Helms
Senior Copywriter: Krista Hogg
Copywriter: Courtney Pulver
Art Director: Ryan Beals
Director of Broadcast Production: Hal Dantzler
Sr. Broadcast Producer: Stephanie Murdoch
Production Company: Liberal Media Films
Executive Producer: Lola Lott
Director: Jeremy Bartel
Director of Photography: Jason Burks
Line Producer: Jessica Cramer
Post Production Company: charlieuniformtango
Executive Producer: Lola Lott
Executive Producer: Mary Alice Butler
Editors: Travis Aitken, Alex Campos, Deedle Lacour
Audio Engineer: Jake Kluge
VFX Artists / Online: Allen Robbins, Nicole Brieger

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Davosk's picture
Activity Score 4815

enjoy the wankers convention.

Akshaya Singh's picture
Akshaya Singh
Activity Score 162

I hope the part "You keep this up, you're gonna be a copy writer!" was a fatherly guidance and not a diss... Either ways .. funny campaign ... and kinda true as well ....

Amateur for life!

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Activity Score 4535

Pretty funny with the copywriter comment.

danielchapman's picture
Activity Score 292

So awesome. So very very awesome.

"What does this say??"

"I love you daddy"

"No this typeface says I have no future."

Still laughing after the 3rd viewing.

sattvikm's picture
Activity Score 10

the funny part is, couple of copywriters wrote this.

vlwk's picture
Activity Score 154

The senior copywriter probably wrote that.

The junior copy probably had a mid life crisis.

Mammoths-Not-Dead's picture
Activity Score 401

nice idea, execution could be better

Andrés Celedón's picture
Andrés Celedón
Activity Score 18

Niceee "i have no future" jajaj

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 46010

The whole complete set of ads are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Funny!!!!

Davosk's picture
Activity Score 4815

enjoy the wankers convention.