A Mild: Follow Your Heart

Go Ahead is a new campaign from A Mild, a leading LTN cigarette brand in Indonesia. Rather than preaching to Gen Y, the brand decided to empower the audience instead. In this particular spot, we encourage the audience to follow their heart and go ahead do whatever they want to do.

Advertising Agency: Bates 141, Jakarta, Indonesia
Creative Directors: Hendra Lesmono, Sonal Dabral
Art Directors: Andreas Junus, Irawandhani Kamarga, Daniel Sunaryo
Copywriters: Iyan Susanto, Darrick Subrata
AV Producer: Keumala Dewi
Director: Adam Stevens
Production House: Lynx Films – Robbers’ Dog
Producers: Rob O’Hare, Mark Foster
Music: Songzu, Singapore

September 2009


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So they are trying to say is GO AHEAD and have a cigarette. People smoke if they want to anyway they dont't need commercials
telling them its okay to do so. GO AHEAD and get lung cancer.

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I have a real problem with cigarette ads and this isn't much of an ad anyway but it's a charming video.

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am i the only one to think there is something wrong in here? why are the black people in the floor and the white people standing up?

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they are their shadow not black people

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any why when i saw the video it's something new, unique and i can say i didn't see something similar to it before. i like the video i thought it was creative and unique BUT I HATE THE MESSAGE IT STAND FOR ((GO AHEAD AND HAVE A CIGARETTE TO KILL UR SELF)) i don't think it's a good idea :)

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it's actually go ahead and do your stuff not go ahead and smoke,look at the title of the video "A Mild:Follow Your Heart"

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I think the concept has been wasted on the wrong direction. This would have worked better as an ANTI SMOKING 'ad'...ie. this addiction STICKS with you like a SHADOW, it follows EVERYWHERE you go, and you can kick it by taking that LEAP...

I hate the reference to the blackface...

ok concept--->wierd direction…

nice video though…

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tamer samy
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what is that ???

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If this is a cigarette advert, then those aren't shadows. They're tar babies.
Never-the-less, this is nice.

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im from indonesia, and i want to share you why this ad has nothing with smoke selling advertising.
in indonesia, by law you cant SELL cigarettes in any kind of advertisement. this A mild things is the leader of the mild cigarettes industry.
since you cant sell cigarettes, so they do brandings all the time.
instead of selling cigarettes, they make some brandings advertisement, and most of them are encouraging people to do more (smoking? i dont know)

just wanna share the information.

end of joy, enjoy

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Jakarta Jack

I'm from Indonesia too and I see cigarette advertising all around me, every single day for many years. So what law are you referring to? There is no law on tobacco advertising in Indonesia. We all know the price of a pack of cigarettes so why would you want to advertise that? Your comment is really silly.

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Jakarta Jack

The art direction for this campaign is totally stolen from Nike. It was developed by a Japanese art director who has done some outstanding work with it before Nike decided to use it.

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ilham syahrulla
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it just sucks

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The idea "Go Ahead" would be grand if it's exercised dramatically. A fatso jumping in the pool or a nerd-looking guy wanting to speak with his conquest, putting all these scenes in one spot? So sorry but the vignettes themselves made the idea so weak.

Dig deeper...this campaign could have been great.

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stupid meaning behind the ad but still a cool ad! Anyone noe the song used??

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why go ahead?

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"Here's to the crazy ones. The misfit. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The one who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can praise them, disagree with them, quote them, disbelieve them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things."

A quote for those who remember. I am just saying....


Trying to retire ad-man

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