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Crisp One
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well at leased its not another parody ad of that Dove viral video.

but on a lighter note, good production quality !

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Ok, tomorow I will do a beautiful girl getting beaten live to sell :
Sex slave Foundation

Even if your concept is good, this device is dead.
It will just kill your concept even if it's an award wining one.

SO QUIT IT !!!!!!

Dove did it and own it for life.

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That's the idea. It's a parody.

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Stop it!!! Kill it with fire!

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Crisp One
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AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA, damn i just had a gut laugh.

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Ok, the slob evolution parody for campaignagainstreallife.com was good, it was a video response and the first parody to dove's evolution, it was going to be watched, therefore it was ingenious and effective. Then, the Greenpeace take on Onslaught was a direct attack, it made sense, had low production costs and a good reason to be made. Now this?!? clearly the creative director ran out of creativity... and if a parody, it has already been done. Shame on their production of ideas, they have not been ingenious at all.

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)) i'm from Russia. It's funny to watch this vid

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Guest commenter

I love to hear 4rm u

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