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i was expecting something funny towards the end, but nothing happened.
they had the situation but didn't come up with a good twist.

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I was thinking the exact same thing.

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That sucks.

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So you're criticizing this spot because it didn't do what you EXPECTED it to do?
So, in other words, you'd be happy with a more predictable spot. That's stupid.
I can appreciate that this spot doesn't follow the expected formula with a resolution,
choosing instead to leave things to my imagination.

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Agreed pal.

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Johnny Boy
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Boring as hell. i want my life back

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i think that if you wasted your life, you should blame your, not a 30s spot.

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the man
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Wow, what a retarded name. Anyway, anyone can post their thoughts and you have no right get pissed at them. Besides,
I'll bet that you are one of the people who worked on this spot. Am I right?

I don't know what this spot really means. The tag line has nothing to do with the spot. Nothing happens to make this spot
good. It's that important? NOTHING HAPPENS!!!!! What's important? No, this spot isn't predictable because nothing good happens in the spot.

I'm with Johnny Boy. Can you guys produce :30 seconds of my life back?

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I don't get this spot. I watched it several times and I'm still confused.

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LOL. Leave it to some people to demand a profound result from a TV commercial. Buy the sauce, don't buy the sauce. BTW, I was the principle actor. Kaspar was a very cool director, and he refuses to put out the same lame shit we are forced to see day in day out. He allowed me to be subtle and real. The ending is for you to choose. Also, it's a :15 second spot. Always was going to be that short. Never made a :30. Enjoy!

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Great spot. Glad they left the viewer with the mans obvious dilemma unresolved. To eat or not to eat. It is disgusting to think he would but the fact he contemplates is all the viewer needs.

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