The truth, Fake number

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Director: Simon Wooller
Copywriters: Simon Wooller, Rasmus Petersen, Lasse Hinke
Additional Advertising Agencys: Supersonic Cph, Superstar Records

September 2007


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Idea machine
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listened to them all now they're unbelievbly good they should have got better than a bronze lion these are close to being on par with the bud light ads lol the only bad thing i can say about them is the opera bit at the end

hang-the-dj's picture
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Yeah, I suppose they wanted them to sound more like a campaign with that 'opera' crap, but it's just too distracting - cuts up the ads too much.

Couple of pretty cool ones in there though - Tribal Tattoo's the best I reckon.

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i agree with you spnak... but i still say they are perfect from A to Z.. flowless work!

| Everartz |

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Unmotivated Genius
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every one of them are fargin great

~insert dramatic advertising/life quote here~

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