Tax Today: Toast

Advertising Agency: JWT Sydney, Australia
Copywriters: Richard Apps, Ben O'Brien, Jason Ross, Guy Futcher
Agency Producer: Kate Ritchie
Director: Scott Collins

July 2008


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you guys should add some subtitles... its really not easy to understand.

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Crisp One
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i got it.

if there going to add subtitles they might as well add new copy too

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Although I agree with the essence of your sarcastic remark...

If you're going to add smart-ass comments, you might as well mind your spelling, too...

When life's a bitch, fuck it!

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Crisp One
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can you spell check that for me

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I like it, very different for radio.

My only problem is, when I'm up at the pearly gates, the first thing I'll be thinking about is 'shit, i wish i did my tax'.

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Guest commenter

How is this not easy to understand? How can Douche be so dumb? What's going on? My god you people are idiots.

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It´s not the copy that's not easy to understand man.... it's the accent!!!! Remember people all around the world listen to this, not everyone is that good with english. By the way about that spellcheck (this is for Edward)... it's "they're" not there.

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