Keeney Brothers Music Centers: Dreaming

Copywriter / Producer: Rod Schwartz
Voice Talent: Cliff Miller


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Ron Burgundy
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im sure the voice talent is good at what he does, or he wouldn't have work, but seemed me to like it needed to be taken up a notch on the enthusiasm, good run on the copy, its different than guitar centers "going out of business sale" every other week

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Boring and expected.

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Rod Schwartz
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For the record, two additional pieces of information:

1) This commercial, created in 2003, was a $5000 Radio-Mercury Award Winner in 2004.
2) In 2007 Fender Musical Instruments Company thought highly enough of our slogan, "Stop Dreaming. Start Playing." that they began using it to promote their own guitar packages.

This was the opening spot in a campaign targeted at aspiring musicians, intended to position the advertiser as a capable, caring, and competent resource. Keeney Bros. Music Center is one of several local music stores in a region that is home to several colleges and universities. Seven years later they continue to run this spot throughout the region, in conjunction with others in the campaign.

Sorry you were bored, Boxey! :>)

@Steven: the voice talent is actually lead singer and instrumentalist in a band to which several store personnel belong. His strength, I think, is that he sounds believable, not canned. I'll be posting other spots in the campaign later. Thanks for taking time to listen and comment.

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