Burger King Norway: Stick to beef, 1

Advertising Agency: Futatsu Industries, Oslo, Norway
Creative Director: Aris Theophilakis
Other additional credits: Verdens Sterkeste Mann (radio prod co)
Aired: March 2009


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lame attempt to do a Sprite Zero version of "No sugar, no bulshit" the truth! lame...

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I don't see the parallel, but this one is the weakest of the three in my ears.

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i listened 3,2 and now 1. and the first one just hit me. i think i waked up my girlfriend. the idea is as simple as dumb but it works hilariously well. at least for me. need to grab a burger sometime this week.

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What you don't realize is what they are talking about are some of the most haterd people. Idi Amin being a Cannibal. Pol Pot eating rice. Benito Mussolini eats Pasta. There is also one for Adolf Hitler being a vegetarian. http://www.futatsu.no/2010/burger-kingstick-to-beef-2/ ( the link to ftastsu in incorrect.)

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