Bogota's Telecommunications Company: Old McDonald

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Colombia
Executive creative director: Rodrigo Dávila
Creative director: Germán Espitia
Copywriters: Camilo Carvajal, Luis Velazco.
Agency producer: Alex Sánchez
Account supervisor: Enrique Gómez
Advertiser s supervisor: Natalia Noratto
Sound studio: LeoStudio
2 sound studio: Audio Digital
Director: Alex Sánchez
Sound engineer: Alex Sánchez


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Oh my God!!! Did you hear what the porno chick in the background says? She says "Oh my God yes, f**k that ??? ass! Oh my God yes!" I guess the message is don't let your kids learn this on the internet, let us teach it to them on the radio instead.

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really annoying singing voices

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DEMON!!! Le quedó pulida.


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bad!The VO in the end is horrible. Totally killing an already not so good track.

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Yeah the spot is bad. But i don't think the thought here is. And i wonder: where is it allowed to be broadcasted? that's just using a sinister issue for awards, not to change a thing. i'm disgusted if it is that obvious

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whoah! man that is DIRTY!

Can see what it's trying to do, but have to agree with Slashh, they didn't have to actually swear. By including the dirty talk the ad is basically doing the same thing it's accusing the internet of doing.

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Same concept as these:???? SO WHAT???

I've realised the worst way to kill an ad is to related with another one, that doesn't even fit in execution, that just says to little about the critic itself.

Good on you etb guys.

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