Zwilling knives: Nun

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Bangkok, Thailand
Executive Creative Directors: Nikrom Kulkosa, Suthisak Sucharittanonta
Creative Directors: Vasan Wangpaitoon, Juntiga Nasunee
Art Director: Natee Likitsuwankool
Copywriter: Thanasorn Janekankit
Photographer / Retoucher: Chubcheevit


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interesting concept, i like it alot but i dont like the soldier one.
This one works really well but the apple is a bit too weird.

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Audrius Kubrik
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hallelujah. it's a tenner.

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this one is much better than the other cause its kind of cute. good job

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ha ha ha ha, ain't that a cruel situation?! I don't believe a knife would solve the conflict...

si fai il mio nome, non ci sono più...

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Scam, but good.

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Wish they were a bit quicker.

Interesting concept though, cool execution.

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interesting and comfortable!

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the photography is excellent. the art direction is good as well. and the idea is nice. but the reason i wouldnt vote for it is that it is just way too scammy!
if people are going to do scam, i suggest they at least make it plausible that the client they are 'representing' would actually have commisioned the type of ads they are showing.

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i feel like a lot of knives could come to the rescue, so why is the logo hiding way up there?

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Guest commenter

my thoughts exactly. nice ad though.

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The idea is good but I find that comments are strangely good, while the version of the nun is bad, only the army is appropriate.

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Great idea. Something new in sharp knives. Execution just brilliant. Layout perfect. Love it.

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where the nun looking at??

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I don't think the average consumer would get this without a line.
But who cares, the award judges probably will.

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Took me a bit but I got it.

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

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Abhishek Borde
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its fuckall

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A comic situation, and it looks like a scene from a film noir.

No. No. No.

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This one works more than the soldier version, for sure.

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I want to know what Thai creatives eat?

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okay clearly I am not very smart because it took me forever to "get" these. First off, I didn't know we were selling knives. Yes, there is a knife but I wasn't familiar with the brand. And then I didn't get that the symbol next to the knife was how you can cut it. I had to see the second on to see how it changed to get it. I thought it was part of a logo or something. BUT, now that I am on the same page as you all, I think they are cool. I like this on better. personal preference. Nuns win over soldiers any day.

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hey floydeepurple you could add led zeppelin to your name easily, if you liked them too.

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Finally a different approach for knives ad. This is a nice campaign, altough this example is much better and easier to understand.

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WTF! I don´t ussually write coments because of the negativity that always ends up rising but this time i just had to say something. I think the art direction and photography were thought through yet the problem i find in this ad is the fact that the brand is making fun of a really serious issue. I think asociating starving children with a product is not a good choise, specially when the ad is not about the children but just uses them to "entretain".
Sorry about my crappy english,i hope i made my point.
I know people will tell me to relax and stuff but im just sharing my opinion.

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c'mon – they NOT starving. They just want to eat some cake.

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The nun's going to kill every one of them first, then devour the cake!

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woohoo! hats off to the people who sold this to the client! it's witty and brave and a lot of people will hate it. this is a very precious piece of ad.

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What are people smoking on this site...

These ads suck elephant balls...

The concept is lame, the execution is likewise...

And by the looks of things, the people commenting on this site are too...

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