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C'mon guys. Grade school thinking on this ad. WTF does _any_ man care about her shoes? Unless the trail of "destroyed" men are gay - and even then it's a stretch/stereotype. The woman's a stunner, men fall down _regardless_ of what shoes she's wearing. Sneakers would work. Now, put a 200 lb. homely woman in those same shoes, and we'll see if they work. Doubt it.

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The ad is nothing... what shoe to do with men falled in a line?
can't understand the logic of people unconscious(dead) in a Raw
if it is footsteps... then this ad is Bullllllsh.......
Nice Art Direction
Very bad Creative Direction.

Saidu Karinga
The Idiot


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"Trail of destruction" uh? I really don't get this ad, could it mean that if I see her with those shoes I would like to kiss her feet? I don't even think so, the first man isn't even taking a look at her shoes!!
Talking about the art direction, the body parts of some men seem too shiny, and the hair of the woman don't seem to be well inserted into the sky.

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Neither ads is focused on the shoes, the eyes are, and rightly so, on the legs and arse, but that's not the point they should be grabbing the feet. All in all, not an inspiring ad or idea.

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The ads have so much going on, and there is so much vibrancy that the shoes are completely lost. I can barely see the shoes, even knowing that the ad is specifically for them. Why is the guy reaching and looking for the as...i mean butt...?

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It still sucks after all this time.

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Nice one Temple, if the world doesn't end this year, I'm going to return yearly to say it still sucks.

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