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I like visual ideas. The city background is better than the Windows-like country background.

Althought the skin tones look good, the photography needs some more light dynamic range, and it looks overexposed. The integration to the scene needs more work, it looks like a previz right now. You might want to re evaluate the quality of the background as well. It is a good idea, but it needs more work.

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this cud also be an ad for a skincare treatment clinic that makes u make fleshy bums... the guy's obviously looking there!

why shoes? enlighten, anybody?

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Cud is any food that's regurgitated from the stomach to the mouth of a cow or cattle so they can chew it again. Hope it enlightened you...

Why shoes? Who cares, it's a stupid fashion ad!

brainscotch's picture

helps u make*... mistaken

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Fk Mikenj
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Young Bush?

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andrej dwin
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can't find the art direction to my liking.
very unnatural... would even say fake feeling.
looks a bit cheap in execution to me (that is, they didn't have a big enough budget)

*the best skate/snow/surfing videos and pictures.
*updated daily!

AdArena: Sex Sells

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The ad is nothing... what shoe to do with men falled in a line?
can't understand the logic of people unconscious(dead) in a Raw
if it is footsteps... then this ad is Bullllllsh.......
Nice Art Direction
Very bad Creative Direction.
any way the branding idea is going to work.

Saidu Karinga
The Idiot


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This ad targets the ladies not the gents. As long as the ladies think it's logic and they buy it, then the ad has done its job.

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happy angel
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the girl' skin just like plastic

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303 sucks ass!

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i love shoes. this ad just doesn't make sense.

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I came across this catalogue when in the actual Zu store. Did not like it at all. The only message I can gather from it is the concept of "killer shoes"???? Definitely does not work.

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Guest commenter

I don't care what your guys say! I luv these shoes and I don't care about the background because the first thing I look at are the shoes...

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congratulations 303 Team.

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Still sucks big time after one year.

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