Zoo Berlin: Come back tomorrow

Advertising Agency: Scholz & Friends, Berlin, Germany
Creative Directors: Matthias Spaetgens, Jan Leube, Martin Pross
Copywriter: Florian Schwalme
Art Director: Mathias Rebmann
Photographer: Matthias Koslik
Graphic Artist: Katharina Hanel
Account Managers: Eva Lipp, Bjoern Kraemer


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Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I haven't seen this campaign before. And I like it a lot!
It totally taps into the whole disappointment sentiment associated with visiting a zoo and not getting what you came for...

Personally, I'd rather not see the animal AT ALL. No tail, no beak, no paw, no nothing. Simply showing an empty habitat (just a "suggestion" of an animal) would do the job and be even funnier with the line. But that's just me.

A very deceptively simple and yet smart campaign.

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very good. simple subtle smart

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esta me parece una de las mejores y mas intelignetes campañas que he visto en mucho tiempo, pero ivan ya la habia visto hace como un año atras en otro sitio. ¿por que se sube esta pieza hasta ahora (2009)

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Blair Semenoff
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Ya I agree with Jet Propulsion Lab, seeing nothing would be better.

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dil chhoo liya

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Agree with 'JPL'.
And why on the rest of the campaign they add the word 'simply'?
But I would give it 10/10


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pawan nimrani
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dil chhoo liya

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Let me see if I get this?

The message of this ad is 'Come to our zoo and there's a good chance that you'll come for nothing so make sure you buy a season ticket. That way, we can keep ripping you off until you may be lucky enough to catch a quick glimpse of the left nut of one of our exotic animals'.

Yeah, absolutely brilliant... I mean... erm...


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absolutely brilliant. Simple & Shower layout. Good thinking for growing towards.


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Although it's a great piece of work, we've seen it before. Didn't we Ivan? I think it's reposted. Btw, it's really really nice. Kudoz to the team!

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a lovely classic

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very nice

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there are better ways, i think , to sell tickets than showing a shy animal and tug at people's disappointments. dont you think people'd rather go to the movies than come back tomorrow with this? funnu though.

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sweet... :)

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i hate the photo

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don t like it. It´s negative.

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This is great if it wasn't an ad.

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Insight creative at its best.


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