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mojo jojo

i don't get this one...what's the relation between zidane and taking away my sleeping??

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Marcus Saulnier
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Zidane sent the Brazilians to home in the last World Cup.

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it's about the world cup.
zidane got sent off for the head butt.
that cost france the cup.

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are these names of men? and a woman is sleeping with all of them? what a slut.

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i can't believe u guys don't know football.

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This campaign ranges from the illogical (this one) to the totally insensitive (Sept 11).

I'd like to just say right here and now that using people's suffering, beit a war, famine, genocide, or natural disaster, to flog products is WRONG.

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Good thought, but the execution is a bit lame. Way too "serious" if you ask me. Would've been much better with more fun in the game.

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I like it - both idea and minimalistic execution.

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LOVE IT! congratulations

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since when did zidane become a woman sleeping with lots of men?
what a dumbass...

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"There is always something that takes away your sleep. Choose your mattress well."

Isn't that like holding your nose from the back of your head? An Indian saying.

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thought more about it and i actually really adore this campaign.

it's as simple and sharp minded as that, you know which one, brisley campaign. frikin fantastic.

yo slim, you up there, relax, read what it's saying. sept 11... things one really looses sleep over. silly.

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I'm generally a relaxed person, adnerd, but when I come across an ad which uses one of the greatest man-made tragedies in modern history to sell mattresses, forgive me for getting a little agitated. Looking at the comments below the s11 execution, it appears I'm not the only one.

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Tero Ylitalo
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I agree with the.adnerd. More I think of the campaign, more I like. It may be offensive to some of us, but only if one chooses to take that point of a view. To a Brazilian, it's not even close being an offensive ad, the one about 911.

Now think about it. Nazis for the Germans, 911 for the Americans, Hiroshima for the Japanese, tsunamies for the Thais, just name it. All of us do have subjects that are painful, and therefore should be handled carefully. However, if the campaign doesn't hurt the aimed public, I don't see the problem.

This campaign isn't trying to make fun of the chosen situations. It's actually fairly serious and makes you think.

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very good!

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Marcus Saulnier
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I guess, Tero, the guy above, got the picture.
The campaing objective is not to make fun, most of the situations are serious.
The campaing objective is to make think.
All the exposed situations could somehow make people loose their sleep.
And the Art Direction isn't funny because it wasn't what we want to convey.

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the best part is how they have maintained the campaign look.

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