ZH GCC: Mummy

Mummy said, that daddy won’t come home from work today ... and not even tomorrow. Then she cried.
Every year, in Italy more than 1,000 working accidents end fatally, among the rest, because of omitted or improper use of safety clothing.
What happens at your workplace, affects not only you.

Advertising Agency: Bielov, Bressanone/Brixen, Southtyrol, Italy
Art Director: Roland Brugger
Copywriters: Roland Brugger, Rosmary Bielov
Photographer: Robert Gruber

January 2010


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Jaap Grolleman
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Since when do Italians speak German?

Anyway bit simple here.

Hibon's picture
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Boring... too simple, nothing on this work,etc, etc (why copy on German ?)

Simple ideas are the best !

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In the north-eastern part of Italy there's a noteworthy bilingual community. Austria is just 'round the corner ;)

GMphotography's picture
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Yes, ok, but of these 1000 deadly incidents probably only two happen in Sudtirol... And they all speak Italian anyway... Unless it's a comparative ad for Austria, like 'oh look at the Italians poor them'...

the_guest's picture
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That's right. I think they're addressing themselves, though, just to be sure they'll keep being better than the rest of us :D

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I don't really like these. They are boring and don't really grab me emotionally. The kid in this ad doesn't look sad, he just looks bored as hell. Its more of a first stage idea and an easy way out. This kind of thing has been done to death, where's the creativity???

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Good! this is sad!!!

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