December 2007

New Suzuki Grand Vitara. Can't wait to see it.

Advertising Agency: Craverolanis, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Juan Cravero, Darío Lanis
Creative Director: Toto Marelli
Copywriter: Juan Ure
Art Directors: Toto Marelli
Photographer: Gonzalo Lauda - ALT
Account Supervisor: Mario Costales
Advertiser's Supervisors: Pablo Ramos, Gonzalo Ibarzabal, Paula Kuzis, Eduardo Moure

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Rajib's picture
Activity Score 369

Zerbra...o hooooooooooooo looking for white cross on the car....

supersupergirl's picture
Activity Score 294

oh i think i get it, this is a safari car meant for the wild. So the animals have come to take a look at it?? is that it? But so whats the big deal? why would i buy the car if the animals i was going to look at have come to look at my car...

capywriter's picture
Activity Score 5509

Think it's a fresh idea for a not so fresh type of car (especially the last 2 years...)

adrianapr's picture
Activity Score 1254

that's it, supergirl.
the only doubt i have is if this car is built to go off road as the ad is suggesting.
If it is, then i must say i like the campaign.

i think it's a pretty new way to show the same old story about "how far people can get in their 4x4" (africa and everything, you know).
it's a very fresh twist, to bring "africa" here instead.
actually the more i see them the more i like the campaign.
i love these.

rocketman's picture
Activity Score 385

it's a good twist and a smart one too, because i don't think this car could handle a tough off road drive.
it's a way of saying to people: "this car is beautiful and it has an adventurous feeling" but also "don't worry, you don't have to go into the wild to feel like indiana jones, you can do that right outside your office building".
there's a growing market for this kind of cars everywhere.

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juan sasiaín
Activity Score 43

Muy Bueno!

juan sasiaín
Bs As Argentina

Tincho's picture
Activity Score 1093

Is the best way of saying: "its an off road but you can use it in the city". You are getting different targets with the same ad.

I really like them.

(They are all night pictures. I think that could mean somenthing like that it was made for night life too, but I dont know)

m í t i c o's picture
m í t i c o
Activity Score 676

Excelente dirección de Arte !!!

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banana tom
Activity Score 40


imke's picture
Activity Score 472

Photography is done well....

"Have we born for Cannes?"

Rajib's picture
Activity Score 369

Zerbra...o hooooooooooooo looking for white cross on the car....