Zalando Online shoe shop: Lilo

Start running

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster, Germany
Executive Creative Directors: Armin Jochum, Götz Ulmer, Thim Wagner, Fabian Frese
Creative Directors: Götz Ulmer, Julia Ziegler
Art Director: Johannes Riffelmacher
Copywriters: Hannah Haeffner, Georg Muehl
Illustrator: Andrew Rae
Designer: Albert Pukies, Jeremie Braun, Johannes Riffelmacher
Art Buying: Anna de Groot


lessismore's picture
251 pencils

so what, nike = fat? mmh not convinced

Themadartist1972's picture
325 pencils

i think they played on word "online" since we see the lines on the hero. not obvious for the concept but unfashionable illustrations

LeeHarvey's picture
3045 pencils

I don't like the ads but I do like the illustrations.

atb2005's picture
13567 pencils


It's not nike = fat. It's nike = lose fat. I like the campaign but in this particular ad the guy shouldn't we wearing flip flops and a tee in the pool..

bakamono's picture
1004 pencils

It's a lazy pool fashion totally alright.

because therefore it is

Tamis Witchy's picture
Tamis Witchy
54 pencils

Good message but I think some men won´t like it

Tejónidas's picture
244 pencils

I like the campaign, the message its totally clear

HappyHour's picture
2385 pencils

These ads will sell zero pairs of shoes. But hey, who said advertising was about selling things?!

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