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What a weak idea. There's a big difference between my favorite music and the genres it was based on. What makes it different than those genres is what makes it my favorite. I hope this was a freebie and nobody paid for it.

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Why they don't focus on the JAZZ fans? I don't think this idea is going to work.


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:-Darko Bosnar

Probably becouse they want to attract some new people who never listening jazz before(pepole who listen hip-hop in this case)...I think it is very funny and excellent way to other target audience.

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Yep. I like the approach too. But not the execution.
Maybe it would be better just with typo.

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I think this is not bad at all.

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I think this is great. And true! Refreshing to see a new approach to communicate jazz...

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really 'refreshing new approach to communicate jazz...' was for San Francisco jazz festival few years ago. this is a bit off if you ask me: nothing attractive for non-jazz lovers and scaring jazz lovers away from the festival.

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I think this attempt is sloppy and tired. The same technique has been used for everything from "Adidas" cleats, to women's shavers.

It has been done beautifully and A LOT. But this looks very rushed, and tired.

I have seen Jazz brought to new audiences in Norway and throughout Europe, through flyers and posters. And those efforts I consider to be successes.

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This one doesn't work as well as the Metallica one, 'cause Metallica's logo is instantly recognizable and Puff Daddy (or whatever he's calling himself today) doesn't have like a visual icon. Overall, the idea is good, but this execution doesn't work for me.

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