Z Magazine: Thea

Outdoor posters that show the homeless sellers of Z magazine, photographed and spread at their daily selling points. Z is a well known streetmagazine in Amsterdam that helps homeless people to help themselves. It is made, distributed and sold by the homeless. They generate some income and remain socially linked by selling it on the streets. A proven concept, that needs an extra impulse every now and then.

Advertising Agency: Jeuk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Art Director: Kasper van Delft
Copywriter: Arno de Jong
Photographer: Rene Nuijens
Image editing: Magic, Jan Daniël Wolters
Client: Hans van Dalfsen, Jeroen de Rooij

November 2009


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Requires from the audience to know what the brand stands for. Otherwise very good.

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And the brand is?

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Dont get it =S

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read the explanation below the ad

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