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great campaign,simple and straight.

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Its extremely boring and has no thought at all. I'd say Yuck.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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i don't know how a well-known advertising agency promote itself in a boring way !

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so flat.
Strategy, energy, creativity. even the words they chose are uninspired

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dumbass they had to choose words which had both Y and R, and they did a nice job on that front

You Are What You Expect

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chaddy velasco
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hmm, what about S*NE*GY = SYNERGY so it's still Y & R and not R & Y. zzzz just a thought.

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wtf Y R ....RY what diff does it make,,,,,they are playing on their company name " Y ANNNNNNND R" their logo/company name itself is part of the copy "Y AND R" and hence the line reads "restore meaning with Y and R" and it makes perfect sense u poopooheads

You Are What You Expect

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Agreed with Chaddy.

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