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WTH? This doesn't work at all. You can't read the type, I'm not sure what's going on, and then there's random clothes on the floor but they're both dressed? Why is she crying?

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more like WHAT is she crying? those tears are worse than the blood from the other ad. they're viscous like saliva, the splash looks like hair, and at first i thought they already did it on the floor and the puddle was the wet spot.

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Oh God, this stuff is sooo bad. Art direction, idea and copy (once i can read it) are bad too.

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Yikes. I thought the slashed wrist one was bad. This one is... truly, what were they thinking here? Did no one stop and say "Hey, maybe those dont look like a pool of tears"?

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What's with the tear...

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Speaking is the last thing on the guy's mind.


I think, therefore... yeah.

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Those are tears?!

The first thing I thought was that she had one of those tears (as in rip) between your bladder and uterus that you can get giving birth, which ends up in constantly dribbling urine (a lot of women get it in coutnries where they don't have proper midwifery or even discussions from mother to daughter, then their husbands reject them because of the problem and their own families don't want them back... very sad).

Shows where my mind is. :)

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sorry, but looks like the girl has pissed on the carpet... and i will not even try to read the copy

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his smile is so perverted as opposed to comforting or pitiful....

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his smile is so perverted as opposed to comforting or pitiful...

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Guest commenter

Is he comforting her... or is she crying because she thinks she has to have sex with him? cause that's what I first thought.

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People, people, people.

Look into the reflection in the type blood thing.It's a girl wearing a different top.

Isn't it obvious? The woman is a lesbian or the man is having an affair.

Then I think someone got killed.

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She just doesnt want to have sex yet. Or they just had sex, but he forced her.

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Okay, there are clothes everywhere because it symbolizes a normal teenage girls room. You wouldn't expect it to be neat and tidy.
His smile is pervertive, because he wants her to have sex with him.
Clearly she doesn't want to, which is why she's crying...
Also, if you'd take the time to read the text in the puddle it'd make sense...
"Am I ready to have sex?"
"Will he tell his friends?"
"He says he loves me.."
"I don't want to be known as a slut"

These are all issues teenage girls deal with when being pressured into sex..

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