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I good like.

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i think these are weak, its an excuse to do funny copy with something serious.
The only thing that grabs my attention is this comaprison between the chickens and cats or even young humans but i want proof. Surveys, charts etc etc (in a clever ad way ofcourse)

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pee, poo, sex. haha. damn, go back to kindergarten

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I like these. Sure they could've shown you chickens with their beaks ripped off, but this makes PeTA more accessible. plus, they just won the Young Guns, so someone's gotta like 'em.

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Petruk G
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So, PeTA said, we all should eat Dog, Cat and ....

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Crap, tryig 2 make people feel guilty by connecting something like ur parents having sex and u
having no interest in knowing about chickens being slaughtered. Very Very weak and too forced for my

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