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Yeah, I like this one the best. You feel a bit more than the others.

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this version feels like the matrix movie...

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Except for ' The road still waiting to be built to that native village' there is absolutely nothing in this campaign to influence any one to go vote. (Anyhow, certainly not me).
At this day and age does ' The hanged soldier, Death in saffron, Battle of Jansi, long forgotten attic, Dusty novel, Movie stars, Cola etc. have any emotion provoking relevance to influence an Indian to cast his vote? Noooo! It is the younger generation who needs to be inspired to make better choices for the country.For an example, Why are train travelers here forced to stand in front of the stinking toilets even after buying a valid ticket that entitles him/her for a SEAT as in most parts of the world. (And this is after 50 glorious years of independence) There are thousands of similar current issues that is slowing the progress of India, which can be addressed.(I would like to see some progress in my lifetime). From an art direction point, the handling of typography- not reader friendly..but is trendy for youngsters. But the content unfortunately does not capture the imagination of youngsters so as to logically motivate them to vote,if they are not in the habit of voting.


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Great copy stuff. I like a lot this series.


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Sorry, i have short attention deficit.

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i like it!

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If the aim is to encourage youngsters to vote - these ads monumentally fail. No one would stop to read the damn things - they're hard enough to read as they are - now add to the bargain - your demographic being an ADD teenager. No way. Waste of money. 0% effectiveness. Change agencies.

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too lazy to even begin reading this. :)

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very bad art direction, Nothing new, copy is good ... a much can be experimented, rather than a RGB layout.