March 2013
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In Brazil those who don't enjoy a great opportunity are called “arshole face”.

It won't help when you make a face. Sign up before it’s too late.

Advertising Agency: Master Roma Waiteman, Brazil
Creative Directors: Flavio Waiteman, Victor Afonso
Art Director: Rafael Guth
Copywriter: Thiago Gabardo
Photographer: Fernando Ziviani
Retouch: Jorge Bacellar

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Seldoon Eeffoc
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If they were really set on this sort of imagery, then the puckering should have been placed lower on the face, so that it could have lined up with where a nose would end, that would have been a lot more cohesive.
Even so, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense with the words in the ad "It won't help when you make a face. Sign up now before it's too late." That statement doesn't make much sense to me, unless the words are referring to the facial expression of people who are looking at the ad. In which case, it makes perfect sense: Just looking at the ad and having a disgusted look on your face won't help at all. But signing up for the event (hopefully a design event to create a better ad?)

While I understand that this ad is meant for Brazil, it still doesn't feel like a strong design choice to me. I would very much like to see the work that led up to this piece. Was this the only idea for it Or were there others that were discarded along the way?