Young Lions Finland: Brainstorming

New ideas wanted.

- Not quite there yet.
- It's the message. It's not clear enough.
- I think the red shoud be more dynamic.
- My mom said the lamps look evil.
- Can we make the tires more sexy?
- I'm worried that it's too insightful.
- Let's make the background 60 % more lively.
- It should communicate fun, danger and safety.
- It's shiny. But is it premium?
- Time for some radical changes.
- Move it just a bit to the left.
- And no back to the right.
- Perrrfect!

Art Director: Tuukka Paikkari
Copywriter: Antti Tuominen
Production Company: Woodpecker Film
Director: Anssi Määttä
Director of Photography: Mikael Gustafsson
Producer: Anna Nuru
Sound Design: Lassi Vierimaa
Additional credits: Maija Palomäki, Hermanni Kanerva
Published: March 2014


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