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I'm hungry now. Thanks PeTA

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fancy words arent enough to stop me from eating chicken.
If theyre so social and intelligent i would rather see real facts to convince me.

We all know the sea is polluted, we dont ignore it we accept it.

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hmm, well.. i rather ignore it

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Perhaps you could expand on the term "Fancy". I would also be interested
in knowing what "real" facts are required to convince you or anyone of social
or intellectual capacity. And for the record, I grew up on a farm, I might be the
only one on this forum who has ever slaughtered an animal for food. Until you have
bled an animal out and used a handsaw to dismemeber it you are not qualified to judge
how much suffering is necessary as opposed to gratuitous. As for the comment about the
purity of our oceans, that kind of apathy is responsible for many of the terrible suffering
this world has seen from slavery to the Holocaust. Of course you are free to express your opinion
freely however you may want to check your tone before you do so or you will continue to appear foolish.

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Farmer Capp31,
What I meant by fancy was the whole part about describing how you dive head first in piss and all the other "funny" descriptions in the next 2 ads.
Youre quick to judge by saying that you might be the only one to have ever slaughtered an animal for food arent you?
I think shock value works, this has no shock value.
I dont mean show a chicken with no head on it but i think the comparison between the chicken and a cat or a small human could have been explored more.
You may also want to check your tone before you write something, you have come acroos as a very pompus arrogant person who knows it all.

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WOW! How did we go from peeing on the ocean to the Holocaust and slavery????

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dear capp3l,
i followed your advice and slaughtered and dismembered an animal with my bare hands just to gain knowledge and understanding. now i'm finally ready to judge these highly sophisticated ads. they're flat.

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yeah. strangely, this only makes me hanker for kfc.

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I agree the ads are "flat". PETA is trying to do something good for this planet and although I don't always agree with their ideas or their actions I applaud the effort. I think what bothers me is constant apathy people seem to have for things that they aren't directly involved in. I am part of a group that does advertising pro-bono for local organizations that do not have access to advertising resources. We sometimes miss the mark with our materials but we always try our best. I think it's a shame when designers become disconnected from the idea itself and can't see past the execution.

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Bundy Agency
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i will still eat chicken
and the only torture i see here is white on yellow.
ouch my eye balls

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