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626 pencils

soooooooo bad. Taxi would cry.

klaussnow's picture
1675 pencils

whaaat? I this was for a laxative, that would've made much more sense. Relax, don't clench dearie.

... its already been done...

copycomoelcopi's picture
822 pencils

bad taste.

varatphong's picture
78 pencils

"bad taste"

You would think that people would know better than to put such things in their mouth … still, you will be surprised!


Saltsea's picture
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Ads for Viagra are out of the game.
To be in, the should be outstanding, and this is not.

Saltsea's picture
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Ads for this product should be OUT of this competition. They are TOO EASY TO DO.
To be in, they should be OUTSTANDING. This is not.

adzilla's picture
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In the a**??

longtooth's picture
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Removing the copy makes the message more relevant. It looks like an erection is stretching the boxers to the front. But the copy is there and this ad is terrible.

amraly77's picture
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Yeah, I agree

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Phony Ads
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This is a shot of a woman and it's really confusing. Why didn't they use a woman with a body that would not be mistaken for a man? When I first saw this ad I thouht it was a man with a huge errection streching his pajamas and I thought It was brillant. But the body does not look like a man's. It looks more like a chubby woman's behind than it does a man's. And those pj's are not at all masculine. So I read the copy and it confirmed that this is indeed supposed to be a woman. What a HUGE missed opportunity. How does this thing get produced and someone not realize it's exponentally better as a man with a huge errection streching his pants? No copy would have been required. But as it is, it's off target. Women don't buy Viagra. But according to this ad apparently they should fear it.

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Advertising Pawn
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Haha, funny, I had exactly the same reaction when seeing the small image. Thought it was absolutely brilliant with a guy. Definitely feels flat with a woman.



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so it's a man or a woman? or is it a gay man after being screwed by his partner who used viagra for hours?

the tagline makes me even more confused.

Username's picture
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I think you all didnt get it, it's not a woman, i'ts a man, and he is not gay, he is having a boner, an erection, a really hard erection, thats why his pants looks pulled from behind.

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Dominique Van D...
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I think ads for Viagra need a more intelligent approach.
Look at the ads That won in Gold in Cannes Two years ago.
The're different!

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boring! i get the idea but its not clear....it makes me think of a f"::"t instead

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