York Region Transit: Learn

Advertising Agency: Acart Communications, Canada
Senior Creative Director: John Staresinic
Creative Director / Copywriter: Tom Megginson
Associate Creative Director: Vernon Lai
Art Directors: Javier Frutos, Kerry Cavlovic
Production Manager / QA: Lynn Norris
Photographer: Chris Lalonde / Photolux
Account Director: Gillian Todd-Messinger
Account Executive: Christine Anawati


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nice.. very nice

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So what they're saying is, "We get that you take the short bus to school, retard." Right?

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maybe the huge amount of photoshop levels and contrast and whatever else used there thought that its going to save the weak communication introduced here.. but i gotta say it, it didnt!

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The photography is good but somehow has gotten a bit too stylized—I'll go that far, but 'weak communication'? The communication seems to be perfectly clear. This transport service is very connected to where you are going, literally and figuratively. Nice, clean execution, with nothing getting in the way of the message. A slightly startling visual to get this market's attention… it's communicating quite well.

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so what if you get where we're going??

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//usevertising v.s badvertising//
C'est une question de vie ou de mort.

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