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Get the facts right.
The 'meat' in the middle of the rice are 'mock' crab. It's not even prawn!

For the Tuna visual, clearly the meat in the middle is Salmon!!!

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You're right about the crabmeat, but I'm pretty sure the fish shown in the other ad is a salmon. It is just mis-labelled on the roll-over.

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Actually if you look it up you'll see that the tail of the fish suggests it actually is a tuna....how does a mistake like that even happen? Or they thought no one would notice...

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No expert, but I just looked a couple of shots and I think you are mistaken. The fins suggest salmon, particularly the lack of lateral fins which are a feature of tuna. The tail is consistent with salmon, and it looks a bit small for tuna.

In any even, I do not find the image appetizing, and I like sushi and sushimi.

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Why would they put mock crab in a shrimp? Sushi restaurants serve cooked and raw shrimp all the time! Duh.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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It's a fresh idea ;-)

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I don't get it.

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gu concept..

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