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very very so!

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I don't get it.


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the golden rule:

that guy: XYZ
(eXamine Your Zip)

your reply: ABC
(Already Been Checked)

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Oh, now I get it. It sucks, my first impression was the shape of a vagina, instead of a zipper open in a guy's pant. And why do they have to repeat the same stupid thing 30 times. 1 is just lame enough.


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This is what your tally wacker “sees” when your trousers’ zip is opened.

Nice idea. Nice execution.

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the execution needs a bit more, looks too quick and dirty.

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Pointless ad for a brand that doesn't need one to begin with.

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naaaaaah i liked it .. wonderful ....

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manu adithya
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Gud work, nice idea, nice execution..

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quite a nice idea but horrible stock pics.

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is it funny?

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Why the fuck would YKK, a veritable monopoly, who does no direct to consumer sales of any kind, need a clever advertisement (not that this is clever)?

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Jonny Lonestar
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my thoughts exactly. Find me a zipper that is not YKK., And I will find you a reason to buy a 2 page full color spread.

with the art dead smack middle of the gutter no less.

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Chinese knockoffs of YKK zippers are common because they are used in many name-brand items. One way to tell if you're getting a knock-off coach or Prada bag and the like is the zipper - only YKK zippers are on the real ones. of course, it's really easy to knock-off three tiny letters on the top of a zipper. Causing some distress for customs:

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Boys. I'm not involved. Not even the guy looking over my shoulder.

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