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Heh heh, that's a rude hand gesture in the UK :))))

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Yup, thought of the same thing when I saw it.


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ok then, fess up. what's it mean?

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If you'll excuse my language for a moment - it means 'f**k off'. It's called the 'V sign' or 'flicking the Vs'. The other way round (with the back of the hand facing the body) means 'peace' - or 'victory' if you're Winston Churchill. But the way round it is on this ad looks like the rude way.

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Interestingly, one school of thought is that the "V" sign derives from the gestures of English longbow men at the Battle of Agincourt fighting the French. The story claims that, before the battle, the French boasted that they would cut two fingers off the right hand of captured archers and that the gesture was a sign of defiance after the greatly outnumbered English won the battle. This false has also given rise to an alternative name for the gesture, which can also be known as flicking an "archer's salute" or just an "archer's" Don't know if this is true or not, but it's a nice story.
Incidentally, there's a typo in the heading, should be reindeer, not raindeer. Sorry. I'm sure you can tell I'm a bit picky.

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I really like the concept but the execution isn't really working for me. Particularly the ladder. I think the barbed wire works best.

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Hey ivan, its reindeer, not rain...

great campaign

... its already been done...

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