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me thinks
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Would be more appropriate for 'ECNALUBMA'.

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Yeah? I didn't know people refer to the Yellow Pages to call an 'ECNALUBMA'

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me thinks
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Ok, would you look ‘ironing’ and ‘mirror’ in yellowpages?

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THIS IS A SCAM AD! Come on guys! If you were to do it, do it with more effort! Remove all the scam trails for god sake!

Mirror, Circumciser, Smoke Detector & Ironing all have the same background location, identical pix!

But again, dinosour idea in my opinion.

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Hello everybody, I am writing on behalf of Tzur Golan, the Creative Director of this campaign.
To remove all doubt, I would like to stress that this campaign ran in Hebrew all over Israel with great success.
The billboards were translated into English for the benefit of all AotW readers, hence the reason for them having been reworked.
Here is the link to the untranslated billboards as they appeared all over the country.

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