Yanghe: Fei Zhang

Yanghe Blue Classics – Soften your heart.

The brand Yanghe is a famous alcoholic drink in China. The three featured classic characters are known for their strength. The copy includes a proverb with each, that demonstrates that even hard man always have a soft side.

Advertising Agency: BIG Advertising, Beijing, China
Creative Director: Jun Zhang
Art Director: Tao Meng
Copywriter: Yang Yu
Illustrators: Zhigang Li, Xiaoming Cheng


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So all the budget went to the packshot? Nothing left for the main visual? What? It's an illustration?! I thought it was just the scetch......

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it's kind of a painting style in china.

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ha ha ha ha this one is the best.

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I like the bottle

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So your alcoholic drink it`s soft?... Nice way to sell your product... I hope you can sense the sarcasm in my words

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kp up the gd work.

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