Yamaha YBR 250: I lied to my boss

Advertising Agency: Mccann Erickson, Medellín, Colombia
Creative Director: Germán Camelo
Art Director / Copywriter: Raul Rodriguez
Creative VP: Samuel Estrada
Published: October 2009


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It says "print" above. Really?

Maybe the copywriters can not find a good way to summarize an idea... then, it's not a "print" to me.

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I'm not sure I understand the concern correctly. By print I mean press ads, posters, etc. Is that not ok?

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Exactly. This looks like a blog post instead of a poster. There is no company logo even.

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Sometimes, long copies has sense. Not in this case, i think.

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Srivatss N Iyer
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I didn't understand the message

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Me lost!

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The copy wasn't well-done. In today's world, if the story isn't intriguing then you've lost 90% of your ADD ridden audience (including myself). So If you can't make it short and sweet, at least make it catchy and interesting. Don't ramble on like my Aunt Elma at the christmas feast after a bottle of scotch. This ad, sadly, reminds me of dear aunt Elma.

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unfortunately, they lost it somewhere. the idea of getting lost with teenagelike exuberance and little mischiefs was good and goes with the brand & TG but the team couldn't handle it properly. too long a copy and the twist is not reflecting.


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i love copy based ads, but in this case it doesn't seems having much substance

jogging one has still some bit of quality but this one ...................


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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El target de esto es gente aburrida que le gusta andar en moto? Que mal, no creo alguien vaya a comprar una YBR después de ver esto.

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