Yamaha: Simplicity, 1

The simplicity of the complicated.

Advertising Agency: Mccann Erickson, Medellín, Colombia
Creative Director: Germán Camelo
Art Director: Juan Fernando Gómez
Copywriter: Martin Delgado
Other additional credits:
Creative VP: Samuel Estrada
Published: August 2009


Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
6996 pencils

What's so simple about this quad?

smartar's picture
54 pencils

I dont really get it, but I like the art direction

pinkads's picture
116 pencils

i like the bike illustrtion

it's all in the head!!!

Marlus Lau's picture
Marlus Lau
1807 pencils

Don't get it.

amchamas's picture
92 pencils

i don't think this squiggle crap is going to make me buy a + $1000 vehicle. lame.

maranca82's picture
421 pencils

Strategically, they're totally off on this. This is beautifully crafted and very artistic - the copy is almost poetic. Unfortunately, their target market isn't so inclined.

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