Yamaha: Hook

V6 Outboards.
Re-invention of the sea classics.

Advertising Agency: DLV BBDO, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Federico Pepe, Stefania Siani
Deputy Creative Directors: Valentina Amenta, Davide Fiori
Photographer: Lorenzo Vitturi
Postproduction: Davide Calluori
Accounts: Chiara Niccolai, Domenico Grandi, Fabio Bottiroli

April 2012


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what are outboards? fail ad

You Are What You Expect

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i love the photoshop although i dont know the outboards

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what the combination between this Graphic & Product

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shame on all of you! its so clear, you don't need to put the product everywhere, just read the headline... Reinvention of the sea classics, they don´t sale one specific model of outboard, they are sale all of them.

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Sorry dude.
This is a highly illogical, highly tenuous connection.
Nobody is going to understand, and nobody is going to buy a Yamaha outboard motor because of this advert.
Nobody will laugh, cry, or register any emotion other than sheer confusion.
How on earth you intepreted the headline like that I have no idea.
What a waste of perfectly good art.
This is a hideous advert.

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Your opinion is very respectable, but I have to disagree with you. This ad is, in fact, pretty clear in copy as in graphic, I'm not a sea man, but just with the V6 feature, it is clear we're talking about motors, outboard motors specifically. And besides, it is not true all advertising has to sell something; if you're a sea man, have a boat and know Yamaha motors, this ad is only a creative way to let you know that the V6 outboard motors are out, and the copy says "re-invention of the sea classics", that implies the motors are known from a long time, so they don't need to say "buy us" they only need to say "hey, you know us already, come and check us out".

In that order, the ad is quite wise, maybe not for you, but for their focus group (sea people).

Have a nice day

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I keep looking at it...and nothing. Just not finding it effective. Nice art though.

Let's agree to disagree then :)

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