Yamaha F40: Twins

When twins are different. Yamaha F40 outboards. Three different characters, one range.

Advertising Agency: DLV BBDO, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Stefania Siani, Federico Pepe
Art Director: Nicola Cellemme
Copywriter: Pasquale Frezza
3D: Post Office
Published: January 2011


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what... i dont understand

luispiter's picture
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what... i dont understand

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Filipello Manuela
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Ragazzi, ma cosa combinate??' Cos'è questo pasticcio???
Di cosa state parlando? Di tre barche? Una delle quali somiglia a una foca? Che però non è ancora nata? E che ha come fratello un delfino che ha come fratello uno squalo? E la madre chi è? Ma che sostanze prendete in DLV ragazzi?? Ci si aspetta di più dai giovani creativi.

(Very confused ad)

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Filipello Manuela
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e comunque l'idea è già stata fatta:


Done done done!

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Ron Burgundy
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the visual is very different but in a good way,although i feel that the image is a lil disconnected from the copy, i feel like i wanna see the product some how integrated, but nice try at a difficult product :)

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Don't they mean triplets? Very confusing ad...

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copy fail here.. but awesome visual. but dont know about the angle, way too large.

and baby sharks eat their bros and sis while growing inside mama...

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The twins/triplets translation fail isn't the issue. Selling high powered machines using hallucinogenic foetuses is. This looks like a pro-abortion ad.

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What the...? I mean this visual tells me absolutely nothing about the motor. The closest I can come to any conclusion is that its a small motor with three speeds...? Wait, no, sharks eat seals, but dolphins have been known to fight sharks so...oh he11 I'm just going to ditto CuriousPencil.

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MarioLuigi Bros
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Too forced.

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Master Jack
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Don't get it.

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