Yalook.com: Fashion Faces,

Down vest by Tommy Hilfiger and many more fashion brands on yalook.com

Development of a new online fashion retailer from naming and brand personality, look & feel to a unique launch communication. We awakened clothing of the first collection to fashion faces and made the clothes to the stars of the launch campaign. The fashion faces were created in New York by Bela Borsodi by folding clothes from yalook's first collection to faces - the fashion faces. The garments were not cut or glued, just folded. The result: twelve individual fashion characters. These are focus of our campaign.

Advertising Agency: Futurebrand, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director / Art Director: Jonathan Sven Amelung
Photographer: Bela Borsodi

January 2011


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The whole series is brilliant, but I'm thinking it's for the brand itself, rather than the specific clothing items, because my buying desire won't sprout from seeing a crumpled up blouse or a pair of jeans. So yes for the brand/website is good, but not for the items.

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pitted prunes
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saw the link koelapompe gave. I think BBDO milan did a better job with the face thing.

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dean viii
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Faces created out of clothing/shoes has been done to death. Stop. Now.

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Faces of cloth? mmm

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I actually love the idea for this series. I even visited the link someone posted above to see if it was really just a copy of someone else's concept: although they are similar, this one executed it much better than the previous attempts.
It's overall good in my book.

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