Yahoo: Martians

Only search within 100 degree, why not use Yahoo! 360 degree search engine!
100 degree has a double meaning, one is the angle of a search area and one is a metaphor to Baidu, Yahoo’s no.1 search engine competitor in China. In Chinese, Baidu means 100 degree.

Advertising Agency: DDB Shanghai, China
Creative Directors: Jody Xiong
Art Directors: Jody Xiong
Copywriter: Meredin Xu
Illustrators: Jody Xiong

May 2008


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This works much better than the half-naked fisherman! I'm liking this!
Although it is print... for a search engine. It's not like we're asking the people to switch from searching the newspapers to searching the web, we're asking for existing Baidu search engine users to switch to the wider perspective of Yahoo 360 search engine.

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few probably care, but earth is too big. it would be cool, at least for me, if they showed both martian moons instead. concept is good too, get more from yahoo. the execution is weird, in an MTV sort of way -- good weird, stand-out weird.

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love these ........very good.

love anything creative

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good one.

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i would much more prefer instead of seeing the 100,to do something with graphics in that area.

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nice (2)

\\Graphic in every where.... look around you!\\

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Very similar to the HP printer TVC idea done years ago by Saatchi?

Anyway, for both ads the visual is too low impact.

Do like the attack on Baidu, though. But in Chinese internet site, no one would believe Yahoo can beat Baidu. No amount of advertising can change that fact.

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