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LOL! This is probably my favorite of the lot...does it make me want to tune in to channel 26 to listen to all metal...no not really, I just like the tongue in cheek play...did any body else used to call playing music backwards either on vinyl or cassette tape "back masking"?

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My favourite, too. Great photography and art direction on these.

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Have Heart
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Sorry, but I think most of the lines are really weak. This one is okay, but does it really make a point? Somnething's missing. Fantastic art-direction anyway.

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Disco Munky
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These look nice but the lines are a bit weak.


Doin' it for the points

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I like the approach, but I agree on the lines. It's not so much that they're weak, it's that they're disjointed. Although each station is unique, the message has use the same approach. "The fat boys before they were fat" and "Hidden messages from satan" are two different approaches. One invites you to discover, while the other is simply a statement. I agree with Have Heart - I don't know if these are actually making a point.

The art, though, has so much potential. I love the road-trip feel - that's when you'd want to be able to play around the dial most.

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This is certainly the best one in the campaign.

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