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i love it, very clever

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I don't think xeros want to sell machine just to advertising agencies. Other people don't understand that.

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These are definitely clever, especially for people within our industry. However, I wonder if the masses would appreciate them as much. Good research skills.

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Thanks guys for taking the material from my site without saying! I could have appeared in the credits because all the pictures research work came from me :-)
But just to let you know, it has already been done last year for Xerox India by REDIFFUSION DY&R, Mumbai and it was shortlisted in Cannes...

http://www.joelapompe.net / Facebook : Joelapompe

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clever?? no it isn't...

advertising with three brands in it??

just imagine any cunsumer seeing this ad just for a few seconds...
which brand is he going to remember? one? two? all three?

putting the sender of the ad with a small logo on the down left of the advertising
won't lead to any advertising success and won't put any value to the brand...

just look how big the FedEx Logo is (twice) in relation to the original sender of the ad (who was it? canon? sharp? lexmark? xerox? i already forgot...)

really bad... you should advertise for just one brand!

bad idea!

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Agree. Only Admen would follow the idea.


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Let's all take a step back and remember for one second how much we hate it when our clients speak to themselves. This campaign is doing the same thing. It's just ad people talking to ad people.

And let's all stop putting phony work on sites like this. It's depressing. There is just no way that I believe that XeroPrint approved these and paid for them to run somewhere.

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Absolut M
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Es dificil de entender de una vez, hay que darle cabeza, o sea, que no es tan "faster", por lo demas, es genial.

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is running derogatory work featuring signatory elements of other brand permissable in switzerland? I'd be surprised and smell a fake campaign.

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again...remove the logos, already very clear in the photos...

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

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i like zero budget cost

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"Better copies, much faster"? They did the job in 7 years!

And, like Joe says, it's done before...

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It's a campaign for advertising people. Common people, or other consumer segment maybe won't get it.

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copies better than the original.

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