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It's amazing how easily ideas come up and are executed again. Hats off to those who are trying their hardest to be innovative these days. Is it still possible?!

A good point has been made with these ads, but still I wonder how relevant these are to the consumer.

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it for sure works better with marketing and ad agencies, but i think the idea of "copies" comes through clear to anyone who seems it.

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Thanks guys for taking the material from my site without saying! I could have appeared in the credits because all the pictures research work came from me :-)
But just to let you know, it has already been done last year for Xerox India by REDIFFUSION DY&R, Mumbai and it was shortlisted in Cannes...

http://www.joelapompe.net / Facebook : Joelapompe

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hahahaha, burn.

write them an invoice.

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wow, faster than 6 years, way to go.

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don't think that any of the clients mentioned would allow this.
so: fake.

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