WWF: Tigers

If you thought a tiger claw brings good luck, imagine having twenty and still being killed.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Juju Basu
Art Director: Ashwin Joharapurkar
Copywriter: Farhad Karkaria

April 2008


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Kind of obvious line, no?

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so obvious, no other writer has penned it. or has someone. yes? no? a few people claim it was done before, but better... so if you have, and know where, i'm sure we all would love to see a link to the work.

| think small |

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Here's fulfilling your wish... View the Original "GOLD" Midas award winner at the New York festival 2004

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Hats off to the copywriter.
Its magic of copy only!

Indian Ads Update!
Amit Singh

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very nice! love it!

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It's great copy, but that medallion is too sexy. Makes me wanting one.

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i can see it nestled in your chest hair.

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haha! how did you know i have chest hair? ;)

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having visited the gellert baths, i figured all hearty hungarians have a small forest.

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Good observation.

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i meen...It's great copy, but that medallion is too sexy. Makes me wanting one.

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Just realized, its an Indian ad.
Will put it on my blog.

Indian Ads Update!
Amit Singh

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Strange change in tenses. Goes from past to present tense.
Shouldn't it say "If you think..."

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Good. Nice.

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great work!

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Neil Levy
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neil levy

actually, i think the thought is right on, but the line could be written better. maybe even shorter.

here's how:
i would have started by trying to write the headline without the word "you". it reads "if you thought___." and i think "well, no i didn't." because in that case the "you" is personal. confused? lemme give you an example. if you say "you're born, you live and then you die" then in that case, the "you" is universal. because it's something that applies to every human being. and i believe that use of the word "you" is generally good writing. but when the line becomes something that i the reader am supposed to think already (like you know me personally and are talking directly to me) then it starts to get a bit flimsy. personally, i never knew tiger claws were supposed to be good luck, so i never thought it. at least until i read this. a better example of this mistake: i saw a dumb print ad that said something like "it's just like you always feel on pay day" and i think "how the hell does this ad know how i feel on pay day?" but i digress.

don't get me wrong. this ad is good thought. and the writing is easily correctable. and more important, it's for a great cause. so nice job overall. i might be a bit insane, about the "you" thing. but maybe not. ask other writers and see if they agree. when you work on a potential award winning client like wwf, every detail matters.

be well,

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agreed from "YOU"

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yun siang orangutan
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Number 1 ... in previous One Show Annual.

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Very nice line but sadly, it's done. Saw this same ad some years back in an award annual - look it up.

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agree with Neil above. I didn't know tiger claws were good luck.
It does read a little clunky but I get it.
From a purest point of view, it could bee tighter.
From an consumer point of view "Holy fuck, those poor tigers, where do I donate"

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Trying to retire ad-man

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same ad is done in 2003-04 and won Gold in Ny Fest For Client HDFC

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What's more, the line in the old ad was MUCH BETTER! Saatchi India sux!

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Recycle tiger claws as the agency has done with the concept.

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Mandla N
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Am loving it

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Hey Ashwin! great stuff!! saatchi & saatchi eh?

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I don't mind the ad particularly, but how are you going to help change age old superstitions? Surely there are better ways to tackle the killing of animals than by going for those?

A not bad job done with a misdirected proposition.

We're going to need more lube.

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Alistair C.
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good line

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Nice work FK! But the visual is so good now I want a tiger claw to put round my neck!

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i like it.
its' racional, and although obvious the message still gets across pretty well.

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The last time I checked tigers had 18 claws. Wonders of evolution?

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The last time I checked tigers had 18 claws. Wonders of evolution? But apart from that its really nice.

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great copy...mr.farhad karkaria...keep up the good work

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