WWF: Tiger

Soon you won't be able to see it at all.

Advertising Agency: 2008scandinavia, Oslo, Norway

January 2008


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dear wwf,
You are already a gold standard, quit while you're ahead.

... its already been done...

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A.G. Pennypacker
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I think the basic idea is nice. But executon required a bit more...may be on visbility.

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totally agree

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blabla. we all had barely visible ideas once.. problem is: people don't give a f***. And even if they did, this is average at best

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you forgot to add "to" after "be able"

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for me it's too obvious playing with "soon you won't be able to see.."

and I agree with umeshmisra - may be it too unvisible


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Great-so no one will see the ad. Brilliant.

Note to people doing subway ads--you're supposed to be able to read it from the other platform. That goes for a certain company here who keeps doing reverse white type on baby blue!!

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Submitted by 2008scandinavia on Mon, 2008-02-04 19:51.

"The best way of the advertising community to contribute against global warming, is to stop making "stop global warming" ads. Turn off your computers, switch the lights off at your offices, leave the printers alone. I you absolutely have to come up with something, make it a fresh idea, an interesting angle, a new approach."

Well, this isn't exactly a piece on "global warming", but it's in the same ballpark. Why not apply your own rules to what you're doing?

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so..who will see this ad?

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Leeds United
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Thanks for all constructive critisism. A few weeks has gone since we got this campaign up, and off course, we are fully aware that most people will miss this. Our hope was that the few who actually spotted the animals and read the copy would get a really strong and relevant communication experience. And it´s really important to point out the fact that these three billboards ran at the same subway-station, Oslo´s busiest, tens of thousands of people stand here and wait for their trains every day, and here, many people actually look closely at the ads. Having said that, we don´t think we would repeat this campaign, it´s weaknesses is clear, as most of you point out, and it was a thought that seemed very interesting, both for us and WWF at the time. Thanks again for your comments. Have a nice day. Best regards from 2008scandinavia.

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prajith kumar
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Not very good

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