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yeah, a little forced

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bullshit. its not forced at all. These are great, all three executions.

"Forced", i hate that word, it seems people love it on this blog. Show us your stuff and lets see how forced it is.

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The reason I think this one and the "Snake" one are forced is because they aren't as natural looking as the "Leopard" one. Tree shadows don't extend that long and tree settings like the one in "Snake" simply don't exist, it's too perfect.

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that is, where marketing and merchandising was really successful: star wars generation

people who have been sleeping in skywalker blankets, drinking from ewok cups with funny tatooine straws, having imperator satchels with obi van kenobi pencils, putting han solo stickers on the rear window of moms car, sticking chewbacca posters in front of the toilet and buying yoda toilet paper with the top ten force rules.

"Use the forced, Luke"

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I agree with you that this ad isn't forced, I like it too, but get used the word 'forced' justpassingby because the fact that so many ads are forced is what makes so many of them shit and which belittles what we do.

Show us your stuff and lets se how forced that is!


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mikelite, you are a little bald squirt arent you? Now i know why youve been tracking my comments and trying to attack what i say, its because of this. Jesus man, i forgot about that. Did i hurt your feelings? im sorry

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Dick Huges
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i like the leopard better. this one is indeed way too forced.

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checho vitto
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this is the best of the three executions. So great, I see the pciture, but do you think that anyone without the title will see a tiger?... opinioms....

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I don't think it's force too. Shadow can be that long from certain angle.

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The Forced is strong with this one.

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sonal dabral
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hahaha, Slim's comment is better than the ad

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u said it justpassingby, people just give silly comments jus for the sake of it.

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gosh, i'm gonna cancel my monthly contribution to wwf immediately,
they spend too much on these stuff...

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Too forced. Done to death.
Save Trees. Save Wildlife. How many times have we seen and heard that.
One more thing,
Hey Sonal, still collecting the crap of P's ass!
Good on you man! You're going places.

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Yeah... it certianly looks a li'l bit forced.. Conical shaped trees and tigers are something which you really don't find together.. Unless it's about siberian tiger.. yeah.. damn.. Siberian Tiger would have suited perfectly.. Come on Mr. Sonal.. or Mr. Awasthi.. Justify this forced Idea.. I really like the Leopard one.. but why this Tiger and the Snake one.. and yeah.. 'Save tigers' is done to death.. maybe you guys should have thought about some other Animal.. So yeah.. Justify.. Mr. Pandey!! Kya aap bhi yeh saare ke saare comments read karte hai??

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They can't justify so they go on the attack instead. It's really quite sad.

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just the snake does not work well, i think.
i like this job.

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He he.. seems like lots of O&M scammers defending my question.. Good team Spirit.

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mikelite got owned, talking about the idea. its brilliant. well done O & M mumbai. :)

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