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that's pretty cool

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if they can make the smoke disappear when the light switch off that will be wonderful,

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this is an ambient i guess then why is it mentioned as "print" here???? forced idea in my opinion....

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good and simple idea!

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purple tree
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uhmmm... so? it still doesnt make me turn off the light...

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Want some of those stickers

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zzzzzzzzz. Lame, not relevant and forced.


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Mr. Phill
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Great Media ad! Congrats!

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are you people crazy? this does NOTHING. there's NOTHING creative about it. you might as well just print that picture and message on another sheet of paper and tape it next to the light switch. ridiculous.

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yeah... hater

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Simple and effective. Top marks. Creativity is great, but the real art is turning that creativity into something effective.

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ok. Let me get this straight. Hotels actually let you into their hotel rooms, as non-guests, to stick badly photoshopped stickers over their lightswitches. Wow. Clearly they felt this must have added to the ambience and decor. How many hotels? How many rooms? Did donations to WWF increase by like 4573853% after you pasted your stickers on the switches?


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uhm, sarcastic smart bugger, give a think about this.

Agency approaches hotel.
Gives proposal using WWF stickers.
Benefit to hotel: guests will be inclined to turn off lights, saving cost for hotel.
Hotel approves.
Hotel benefits, and so does WWF and so does the Agency.

Think a bit before you post.

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That's right. If you believe hard enough, maybe this idea will stop being scam.

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that's the last bullet you have? Scam?

It's bad enough you got the idea wrong, and didn't think through it. But now you shift the entire focus of your first post by calling it 'scam'? pathetic.

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Wow, you're getting pretty emotional over a piece of work that isn't yours. Or is it?

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I really like it.

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The only problem I have with this is that the interaction is limited to, "I see a picture when I turn the light on and off." I've seen these in my schools since high school. Granted the picture here is more poignant, but I have to believe that I'm a normal apathetic person, and this would not convince me to turn the light off any more than usual. Yes the idea works, but increase the depth and interaction felt by the user, such as something with the image disappearing or appearing as the lighting changes.

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It's not pretty... but it's effective!

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Luis Maram
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Now I know what Homero Simpson feels jajaja

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