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I really like this concept. It's simple, clear and, from the visual perspective, they have captured the emotion of sadness pretty well. That's the one thing I'm not sure of though.... I realized that we should be sad if the natural world is not preserved, but this looks like a scene that IS preserved, so should we feel sadness looking at this scene, or should we feel hope instead?


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I really like this one, it's the best of all. It really makes me feel sad and sorry. The emotion is really there. And at the same time it shows you how magnificent nature is. It's really working for me.
WWF is making huge efforts in communication this last couple of months. They have ads every where it's incredible!


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i love the art direction on all of these

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I enjoy the irony of WWF advertising so aggressively in print, on paper probably manufactured from trees logged in the Amazon. The creatives are always good to very good but I'm sure that the irony I mentioned above isn't lost on a lot of educated people.

While every advertising medium probably has some impact on the environment few, except maybe using oil to write messages on ivory tusks, have as much negative impact on the world's ecosystem.

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Sorry kiddies. I don't like this approach.
A pristine forest water fall "face" to make you feel sad?
What is this? Kindergarten?
Waste of resources, WWF.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Great art direction but I don't like the tagline that much.

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