WWF: Rhino Day, 2

Would you kill somebody for their hair?
The rhino horn is made up of the same substance as human hair and has no medicinal value.

Art Director / Photographer: Deepak Malhotra
Copywriter: Twisha Sharma

September 2013


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It's a great piece of fact, that could have been used to create a better idea. Because this one sucks so bad it's amazing.

An axe murderer of ads.

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Austin Video Pr...
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Interesting idea.

bobafett's picture
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So, let's take all rhino's horns, after all it's just like human hair! (terrible metaphor)

kleenex's picture
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Another concept fail.

Pedestrian's picture
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Nothing in this concept works. The hair doesn't remind me of a rhino. And the idea, "Human hair is made of the same material as a rhino's horn, so they're kinda similar I guess..."is a HUGE leap. You'd have a better chance of comparing FUR to human hair.

Did someone REALLY buy/publish this?

varun_28's picture
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I like it good execution

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