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drunk dave
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Me smells a thief in the Forum section. Ivan, can you check names? I'd be interested to see the results.

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Yup there's a thief here.

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drunk dave
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Stealing student work. That really is the lowest of the low. The exact idea was proposed (with tweaks in animal used and art direction).

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Wait to see what Ivan has to say!

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If it is stolen, I'm sorry I missed it. But it's a good campaign nevertheless.

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I dont want to say someone is stealing ideas here, but last week I posted a very similar idea... and I also asked for help, to improve the ad. Some people posted I need to make a shorter frase, and a smaller logo.

Do I have to do anything?


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1 or 2 years ago we had done the same job at Ogilvy Istanbul.

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this is awful

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Good campaign, long time without seeing something good for the WWF.

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So lame stealing the guys idea, when he is still working on it and asking for critique in Forum. Shame on you!

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