WWF Marine Protection Campaign: Brain Corals

70% of plastic ends up in the sea.
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Advertising Agency: BBDO Guerrero, Proximity Philippines
Chief Creative Officer / Copywriter: David Guerrero
Executive Creative Directors: Brandie Tan, Tin Sanchez
Creative Director: Pia Roxas Ocampo
Art Director: JP Palileo
Copywriter: Knox Balbastro
Account Director: Carmela Quirino
Photographer: Neil Oshima
Photographer: Paulo Gripo
Illustrator: Manny Vailoces
Account manager: Angelica Uy
Sculptor: Olivia Dâ Aboville
Partner: Photolibrary
Published: September 2011


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Tomasz Dziedzic
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This almost makes me want to throw plastic in the sea. This is too beautiful to send the message it is intending to send. I get it. But still.

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Agree. Too beautiful.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Bill Me Now
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216 pencils

This almost makes me want to throw plastic in the sea. This is too beautiful to send the message it is intending to send. I get it. But still.

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I agree with Mkaytie. Throwing plastic comes off as a positive thing more then a problem with this approach. And if you just showed plastic in the sea with a negative approach, its just uninteresting so I'm not a fan of this really

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Rotten dead marine life with plastic content inside. Plastic waste on beach resembled seashell, etc. Tourist couple at picturesque Cebu littered with plastic waste littered along the beach. Heck, a lone ship wreck survivor on a deserted island with plastic waste around him! Well, some argue this has been done (of course!) and plain straightforward....but at least it's right.

I just don't get what's the reason showing pretty plastic corals. Agreed with Mkaytie and Norremark.

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This is my favorite one out of the campaign, I don't know why, I just like the look of the coral (and I like the fact that it has 2 plastic corals instead of 1, there's a smaller one in the back ^_^)
I agree with above comments. However, when I first saw this ad, I thought the message was :"70% of plastic ends up in the sea. Don't let the sea become 70% made of plastic ends." :/ ... I thought the campaign was trying to tell us that too much plastic wastes are being dumped into the sea every year. the real corals are dying, and being replaced with plastics instead.

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Not to o beautyful at my sense...
I think that changes and delivers a good message...

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Where is this beautiful plastic-filled seabed? I would love to scuba dive through it and take some nice pictures.

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Beautiful. In fact so beautiful, that it looks sterile and abiotic. Which, again, is a good thing for this campaign because the longer you look at it the scarier it gets.

who cares? ima play some tunes instead http://www.mixcloud.com/hoozn/

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This was done with hands reaching out for help, in the next country, before this campaign.

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It tells me to recycle plastic bottles as artificial coral reef. I believe that there were same projects in the Philippines before. In my opinion recycling would be a good thing to bank on. Nice art.

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Amir Farahani
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Good idea

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